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Twelve Research Paper Ideas on Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is a popular field of study for many disciplines, especially art and history. In fact, depending on your discipline, you may be asked to write a research paper. If so, where can you begin? Well, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

  1. Religion and Gods
  2. If you’ve spent any time reading about the Greeks, you’ve likely heard a little about the expansive pantheon of Greek gods. From folklore to holidays to religious customs, there’s a lot to go off on. Consider why certain gods were worshipped and how the culture of the ancient Greeks was influenced by their religion or vice versa.

  3. Music
  4. From the lyre to the aulos, music was a major part of life on the Balkan peninsula and formed a rich tradition. How was music a part of daily life? How important was it? It’s always worth a look.

  5. The Romans
  6. The Romans came centuries after the ancient Greeks as we knew them. But understanding how Grecian culture affected cultures such as the Romans or even the United States is something historians have been trying to understand for years. How big of an influence they had may be worth a look.

  7. Gender Relations
  8. How were men and women treated differently in Grecian society? This is always worth a look.

  9. The Trojan Wars
  10. It’s a popular topic for epic poetry and research. Look into the history of the Trojan wars. From the real-life factions involved to how the war was later interpreted in later times, the Trojan War offers plenty of opportunity for research.

  11. Geography
  12. The Balkan Peninsula and surrounding islands is famous for their unique geography. How did this affect the Ancient Greeks? This can provide plenty of insight into their unique culture.

  13. Grecian Governments
  14. How were they organized and structured? By examining individual cultures on the Balkan Peninsula, this can also provide valuable insight on the history of the cultures that existed there.

  15. Slavery
  16. One unfortunate aspect of Grecian life was the use of slave labor. How did slavery affect local culture? Read into the history of the helots, a particular war slave that was used by the Spartans. There’s a lot of fascinating potential for a research paper.

  17. Philosophy
  18. Figures such as Socrates and Aristotle figure prominently during this time period. What kind of an impact did they have? How were their ideas influenced by the culture around them?

  19. The Minoans
  20. This was another prominent culture around this time period and it figures into popular myths such as the story of the Labyrinth. But few historians know the whole story about the ancient Minoans. There’s a lot of potential here.

  21. Wars
  22. There’s no denying that this was a period of time featuring lots of conflict. Why did many of these conflicts and wars begin? Take a look.

  23. Literature
  24. Literature is an important field of study in many cultures. So turn your attention to the Ancient Greeks. Examining what influenced their poetry and literature is a fascinating field of study.