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Influence Of Food In Italian Culture

Many adults over the age of fifty say that their eating habits changed for certain sections of their life. They say that during their school years every aspect of their mealtime changed when they got a job. Some working class people advise that each form of occupation has its trials when it comes to maintaining a decent dining construct. To Italians, the dining setup, process and execution holds heavy cultural weight.

Dishes like pizza and staples like spaghetti have become well know throughout the world but the table etiquette adopted by the Italian culture is vastly different to the trendy practices of nowadays. It is in their culture as Italians to always try to cook their meals to perfection then have the family gather around a dining table and eat heartily. This time of the day is special for them because important happenings and possible issues persons may have with work, school or relationships can be discussed for all present to provide solutions, jeer or simply listen and give emotional support.

There are other cultures around the world that share similar levels of closeness to family and friends when they congregate for consumption. These kind of people are more commonly found in areas where heavy industrialization is naturally low or not present. The strength of the insistence Italians show toward eating in this manner can be viewed by some as a routine that cannot be modified; almost like a religious requisite. Other people say that it is a good thing that the rules for eating are so strong for it could instill and maintain respectable habits in youths.

A change is happening that also affects this way of eating that Italians have and some believe that the source of this change is the heavy influence children and young adults are exposed to when they use the internet for social proposes and preferred television programming. Another reason this cultural aspect is diminishing is the inability for parents to control their household according to their desires. When both parents work and their offspring spends more time with others, they tend to adopt their mannerisms or mesh both cultures to make a hybrid concept only to have it disregarded by parents.

When different cultures meet through trade or conquest and slavery, habits and routines get shared naturally. Unfortunately for some, there are social aspects practiced by foreigners that makes them want to have little or no desire to attempt the ritual.