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Essay Term Papers: Troubleshooting

Essay style term paper writing is not meant to be fun. Once you accept that term papers are meant to demonstrate your understanding NOT amuse or entertain you you'll get past a big academic hurdle that many students never quite grasp. After all, when you signed up for post secondary classes, you should of known what you were getting into. If you truly wish to succeed in academics you are just going to face the hard facts. It. Won't. Be. Easy.

Now that we have hashed out that little misconception, we need to discuss a few little "troubleshooting" issues that many students have with their essay term papers. We have identified three if the most common complaints students have about these writing assignments and offered some simple down to earth insights that should help improve your overall writing experience.

  1. I Cannot Think Up An Original Idea

    Inspiration can come from anywhere; unfortunately it never comes when you need it. This is why there are online term paper resources, including Top 10 A Grade Topics, or 100 Original Ideas. Ironically, if you are using a list to find your paper topic then the idea wont truly be original. However, if you rewrite it in your own words, it can still get you a great grade! (That is what we are aiming for right?)

  2. I am Not A Skilled Creative Writer

    That is OKAY, you do not have to be to ace a term paper. Remember: the ultimate goal of a term paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the ideas and concepts that you have learnt in that "term" through writing. Your instructors is not expecting a glamorous composition, they just want strong insights and smart deductive reasoning. Don't worry about vocabulary or fancy writing just get the ideas down first and then see what you can do to jazz them up afterwards.

    Try not to get stressed out about your lack of actual writing skill, especially if the class is not an English or Writing focus.

  3. I Don't Know How To Organize a Term Paper

    The 5-point outline model works every time. If you do not know what a 5 Point paper outline looks like: Google it now. They teach this stuff in elementary school, and if you have forgotten it already you are likely to struggle academically until you have it mastered, so study up my friend.