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Writing a Review: Basic Requirements

Review writing is a little bit more enjoyable than other types of academic writing because it based on the opinion of the reader, not just research. The basic requirements for an acceptable review are pretty easy to come up with. Basically, in order for a review to be well evaluated it should include a brief description of the literature, film or other content that is being reviewed. Without giving anything away it should explain why the medium is worth considering and why the author has chosen to write the review in the first place. Finally, in order for the review to be complete it should also provide a suggestion for the reader to act upon based on the review writer’s opinion. These three elements are all you really need in order to write a complete and comprehensive review.

Composing A Summary

One of the most important thing to keep in mind when writing a summary for your review is that you do not want to give too much information away. Whether you are describing a book, film, piece of art, the goal of the reviewer should be to cleverly describe what they have experienced without spoiling it for someone else who may be interested in experiencing it for themselves. At first, this can be tricky. Knowing what information to include and which information to leave out. In order to overcome this try to write your review objectively. What information would you want to know if you were unfamiliar with the content?

Explain Why You Are Writing

Normally, when someone goes out of his or her way to compose a review there is a reason for it. This is why within your review you will want to give an explanation about why you felt the content was significant enough to mention in the first place. If you are criticizing the work it is also important that you describe your credentials and experience.

Including A Recommendation

Once you have gone through the effort of writing a review you also want to include a recommendation for the reader to act upon. Whether this be “see for your self” or “do not bother” the conclusion of a review should have some sort of “call to action” that the reader can observe. Make sure, that you give a logical reason to accompany your recommendation so that the reader understands the basis of your opinion. Try to avoid being too guiding because you also want to invite the reader to form his or her own opinions as well.

Review writing can be a fun writing exercise. Just remember, when you write a review that you do not want to give away too much information that will ruin the experience. Instead, try to write a brief summary of the experience, which includes an explanation about why you are writing, and finishes off with a recommendation for the reader.