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Original High School Research Paper Topics Ideas

Famous Battles

  • Research a large famous battle, like the Battle of Gettysburg, and talk about its effect on the American Civil War. Was the Battle of Gettysburg fundamental in ending the Civil War? How would the war have progressed if the Battle at Gettysburg had not taken place or if the Confederates had won?
  • Compare two battles against one another, weighing the pros and cons of each battle and if either succeeded in its desired outcome. Was peace obtained after the battle? Was the winning victor of the battle able to use that win to better improve his side of the war?

History of the Reigning Monarchs of England

  • Kings and queens have reigned over England; research the public’s opinion to having a king or queen. Was having a king more popular than having a queen as the ruling monarch? Did having a queen as the monarch incite disquiet or war?
  • Is a king better than a queen as the ruling monarch? Compare two monarchs, for example King Henry V versus Queen Elizabeth I, and research the state of the country when the monarch was crowned to when the king or queen died.

The French Revolution and the Vendée

  • Research the French Revolution and the rise of the war in the Vendée. Were the rebels of the Vendée justified in fighting back against the French Revolutionists?
  • Research the Vendeans’ need to rise up against the French Revolution movement.

Famous American Generals

  • There have been many American generals who have reached a level of fame that has made their names memorable throughout the ages. Pick a general and research why such a man as General Patton, for example, became famous.
  • Compare two American generals and research their methods of leadership and battle strategies. Which general was more successful in his campaigns?
  • Why was Ulysses S. Grant a better general than a president? Are military men not suited for political positions? Do political leaders need an understanding of military knowledge to better succeed as a leader?

History of the Samurai and Ninja

  • The samurai and ninja cultures of Japan have never been the best of friends. Why is this so? Research the difference between the samurai and ninja codes; look to see if they share any similarities.
  • Both the Samurai and Ninja have different weapons. Research the meaning of the weapons and their use. Why do the Samurai disapprove of the Ninja weapons?