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I Want to Write My Term Paper in 3 Days

Are you trying to write a lengthy term paper under a serious time crunch? Don’t worry! It is entirely possible to write your term paper in less than a week’s time -- in fact, you can complete the whole paper, from start to finish, in a mere three days! Just follow these quick steps very closely and you’ll be well on your way to completing your paper in no time flat.

Step 1: Get Organized

Pull together all your research materials, your course notes, your text books, and a guide to your assignment. If your teacher provided a specific rubric or topic list, have this on hand (you may want to tape it to the wall or keep it someplace prominent). Have everything that you need to write the paper in one clean, organized place, so you don’t waste time tracking materials down when you ought to be writing.

Step 2: Get Down To The Essentials

If you are under a time crunch, you cannot afford to read every possible source and include every small scrap of information in your paper. Instead, focus intently on the most immediate, most directly relevant research you can readily access. Choose a term paper topic that is highly specific and easy to address; do not select an overly broad topic, as this will cause you to waste a lot of time doing background reading.

Use a highlighter and tabs to take meticulous notes of your materials, again focusing only on information you are certain you will use in your final draft. Scan or ignore information that isn’t relevant. Compile all the relevant research into a spread sheet, binder, or note taking program.

Step 3: Structure Your Paper

Once you have conducted background research, organized your work space, and defined your topic, it is time for you to generate a highly structured and airtight outline for your paper. Plan out every major section of the paper, then plan out every sub section, getting increasingly specific, until you know exactly what will be described in every single paragraph. Consider your outline a roadmap to success.

Step 4: Write Quickly

Using your outline and your research materials, write every paragraph in exactly the fashion you have planned. Imagine that you are coloring between the lines you have already established for yourself. To accomplish this as quickly as possible, locate a quiet writing spot, bring your materials, turn on white noise or calming music, and turn off your internet connection. Writer until the outline is complete, and then you are done!