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Though we try to maintain a balance between writing about academic writing problems and campus life, our main goal is help students and graduates enhance their writing skills. Therefore, this resource is for those who are seeking professional assistance with essays, research papers, term papers, capstone projects, dissertations, book reports, article reviews and theses.

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4 Signs Of A Research Paper Writer That Won't Fail You

It is a huge step to commission a writer to write your research paper. But check out these simple tips and hopefully you will find the right person for the job.

These tips apply whether you are looking for someone to write up from your notes and ideas or looking for someone to take over the responsibility of the whole production.

  • Recommendations.
  • Ask friends. If a friend has experience of employing a writer ask them about their experience and if they encountered any pitfalls. Positive personal recommendation can greatly influence your choice of writer.

    Writing web sites. This may seem a bit obvious but good freelance writers will have good write-ups and recommendations from their clients. Remember when you are reading the recommendations that we cannot please everyone all of the time, so if there is the odd negative comment by a client don’t let that put you off.

  • Writing and Subject Experience.
  • If you cannot immediately see if they have experience of writing research papers, then ask. If they do not have experience of writing research papers they may have experience of writing other forms of papers or reports that may be comparable.

    It is also helpful if they have already had some experience of writing in your subject area. Bear in mind that some people are more successful at writing in the Sciences and others may do better in Social Sciences.

  • Examples
  • Are they willing to share some of their work with you, so you can see the quality of their work? Sometimes it may be difficult for a writer to share their best work with you as they may have produced work for a client that needed a NDA (non-disclosure agreement), due to the confidentiality of the content.

    Some writers may be concerned that if they give you a sample that directly matches your requirements that it could be used without their permission (this does happen).

  • Communication Skills
  • It is always good to have contact with your writer, especially if either of you have a query or need clarification. It is far better to be able to ask questions during the process rather than wait until the completion of your paper.

    Communication can be through any of the usual mediums such as email and a cheap way of communicating in real time is through a free video link. Whichever way you choose may sure that you are both comfortable over timing, especially if you are based in different countries.