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Term Paper Writing Help: How to Write a Conclusion

Like the introduction, the conclusion of a term paper is an essential ingredient to writing a coherent, well-written essay. The conclusion is where you will summarize your arguments and reassert your thesis. It leaves a lasting impression on the reader as it is the last part they will read and explains exactly what message they should be taking away from the whole paper. In order to write a strong conclusion, you should start by making sure to follow these simple guidelines:

Don’t just restate your thesis. In early lessons about essay writing, you are often told that the conclusion is just the part where you restate your thesis. This is not the case. The conclusion is where you should reassert your thesis. This means that you should discuss your original thesis from the introduction in light of the evidence and arguments you have just laid out in the body of the essay. Discuss how the arguments and evidence directly relate to your overarching thesis and why it was all relevant to talk about.

Summarize your main points: because this is the last thing the reader will see, you want to make sure to get all your main points into the conclusion. This is especially important in longer term papers since the arguments at the beginning might be forgotten or fall away by the end. Use the conclusion to remind the reader of all the major points they should be taking away from what you have written.

Contextualize and explain the significance: similar to the introduction, you want to contextualize your thesis statement in the conclusion. Explain how it is relevant to the issues being considered. More importantly, point out why it is significant. Make the reader feel as if there time spent reading your term paper was spent well. Show them why it is significant and important.

Provide a powerful concluding statement: take extra time to make sure the very last sentence of your term paper is strong and powerful. It should leave a lasting impression on the reader and make them feel as if they have just read something deeply profound and worth taking the time to pause and reflect on. The reader should finish your essay with the feeling that they have learned something and gained knowledge or perspective that they previously lacked. A powerful concluding statement can be the extra touch on your essay that turns it from just another term paper into an amazing piece of work.