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How to write research papers: introduction

The introduction is one of of the most vital parts of the research paper. The introduction sets the tone for the entire paper and helps the reader decide if the rest of the people is of interest to them and what they need. The introduction also sets the focus of the paper and helps keep the reader and writer mentally organized so the paper is not misunderstood.

Find a topic

To write a proper introduction for a paper, a topic is needed first. To decide on a topic, first the author must think of a general idea for a paper. After a general idea is conceived, it is important to then expand on the general idea and make it more detailed and specific. This slowly develops into the thesis statement where the author explains what claim they intend to make, how it will be proven and their opinion on the claim. This leads into the introduction where there is a brief summary along with mention of some of the evidence intended to be presented.

Keep Organized

To construct a well written introduction, the rest of the paper needs to be written or organized first as to have clear, polished thoughts on the claim. It is recommended to write the introduction last, once all thoughts are put in the paper and use the rest of the people to create a summation and correctly state which pieces of research proved or disproved your claim. This is also recommended because papers change as they are developed and writing the introduction last prevents the introduction from being re written multiple times more than necessary.

Keep it simple enough

The introduction should only be a paragraph or two long. It should not be too long because then the writer may be seen as rambling and might end up being repetitive later on in the paper if too much is told right in the introduction. The introduction should also not be too short or the reader might not get a thorough idea of what your paper is about.

Edit multiple times

The introduction should also be edited as needed as the paper is developed if the introduction is written first. The introduction and the claim made might change as the paper is further written and developed. The introduction might serve as a general focus for the paper, but writing a paper is a constantly changing process and with changes, the introduction needs to change as well.