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Is a Thesis Required for a Master's Degree and How to Write It

A thesis is often required for the completion of a masters degree but several programs exist which do not require one. If you find yourself doing the type of masters’ program that culminates with a thesis, make sure you are well prepared. Take a look at the following steps that you will go through to write your thesis well.

Look for samples

Explanations of how to write the thesis can only go so far, you will need to see what a completed thesis of good quality looks like to truly understand. Use search engines, check your college library and even ask your professor to see a sample of a well done thesis. Remember as you look through it that you do not need to do exactly what that writer did. You should merely make note of good technique and see how it can be incorporated into your own.

Choose your topic

At the masters level most of your writing will be on topics of your own choosing and the thesis will be no different. As such an important part of your degree program it’s necessary to exercise the utmost care in making this choice. Ensure that your topic adds something to your field of study, can be thoroughly and ethically researched and does not require more resources than you have access to.

Explore the evidence

Once you know your topic, you can devote time to looking into the evidence. Bring all of the data together and start to make note of the trends that support or refute your claims. Be prepared to say that you were wrong if your hypothesis is disproved.

Outline your thesis

From the disparate points you will need to pull together a basic outline of the thesis. Place the points in the order that they will appear in the submitted version. Check with your sample that you have the makings of all the required parts.

Write it

Take your outline and write it out fully. At the end of this stage you can proofread and edit for style errors so that what you are left with is the product that you will submit and eventually be graded on.

When you look at your thesis, more than likely you will feel like there were things that could have been done better. This is normal, especially if you’re a bit of a perfectionist. Try not to over-think at this point. Once you’ve done your absolute best, submit the thing and let go.