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Composing A Strong Research Paper On Bullying

Research paper signifies a thoroughly analyzed work on a subject and your logics; your methods cannot afford to be hollow. Whatever topics you choose, you will have to delve deeply into the various streams it touches.

Bullying under different lights

Let’s take a heady example of a research paper on bullying. Now, you can consider bullying in different lights; firstly, as a part of lifestyle existent for centuries; secondly; from a psychological viewpoint; thirdly, as a statement made by the strong on the weak, fourthly; the matter of bullying itself and its severe repercussion.

Its severe repercussions

Now, bullying is often conducted by strong and hoarse fellows on the weak links and weaklings of a school, society or group. The victim feels tortured not only because of the occurrence but the chronic nature of it. Gradually, he may get traumatized depending on the severity of bullying and lack of security. This renders him weak and submissive in life. You can compose a strong research paper on this account.

Fight against the system

Again, bullying is conducted by guys who may be strong but thoroughly resentful of either the existing education system or at home. Rest assured that confident and happy fellows do not bully. Thus, you can delve into the psyche of the bully and suggest what makes him aggressive. Is it beset into his system or is he aggravated by certain traits shown by the victim?

Carriage of emotions from home

Again, you may assess bullying as the result of continual tensions at home. The child (who is the bully) may have been tortured by parents from the beginning and may even be a silent witness of the beatings his mother gets at the hands of his father. Since he cannot retaliate at his father, he takes his angst out at an unassuming, innocent kid. In this light, one feels that the bully is actually the victim and the victim just a conduit.

Research the elements of bullying

You can also compose your research paper on the sensitive matter of bullying itself. How it has spread its tentacles across the world and creates a divide between the powerful and powerless. The casual and almost innocent bullying in school grows into an attitude of intimidation in the society, where certain ruffians use bullying as a tremendous weapon to cause dread and terror. How the Government is powerless in checking its spread, since it is so porous and shape-shifting in nature. After all, bullying can as easily be physical as mental. It can easily be carried in streets as in corporate offices and elitist circles.

These are the ways in which you can interpret bullying while writing a research paper on it.