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Writing a dissertation is very complicated

The thing that strikes the most fear into a student’s heart is the overwhelming knowledge that in order to pass their course and graduate in their program, they must write a dissertation. This is no high school essay project. A dissertation is a huge endeavor and is essential to a student’s academic success.

The dissertation must pass a rigorous examination by a committee. As well as having superb data, perfect organization and excellent writing, there are also stringent format rules it must adhere to. There are also barriers that make the dissertation writing process even more complicated. All these things must be overcome before the project can be completed.

Barriers to writing a dissertation

  1. Procrastination. Of all college sins, this is probably the most fatal. Producing, generating and analyzing data takes time. Writing and editing takes a lot of time. When you put off all these things and get distracted with other things you will find yourself in a very difficult situation.
  2. Lack of motivation. You may get bored of researching; you may find writing so tedious you can hardly continue. That usually happens with everyone at some point in time.
  3. Burnout. Even with a good schedule and starting early, pouring a lot of your energy into one project can lead to burnout. Writing for too many hours in one stretch can lead to burnout. Fatigue and the sense of hopelessness can ensue.
  4. Writer’s block. When you panic your mind can go blank. Sitting in the same chair all day with no one to talk to can also contribute to writer’s block.
  5. Failure to find help. When you feel stuck in the research or confused with the writing, it can be very counter-productive to not seek help. All of the barriers to writing can be overcome with the right help.
  6. Low confidence. You may start to feel discouraged and then you think negatively and can’t produce quality writing. You are what you think, and what you think of yourself will come out in the tone of your words.

You must retain a positive mental attitude in order to find success in writing something as complicated as a dissertation. Really, it’s a monumental task and can’t possibly be accomplished except in many small steps along the way. Learn to overcome the barriers and seek help when needed in order to complete your dissertation.